UNSW Business School’s Sandbox Program

UNSW’s Business School’s Sandbox Program aims to introduce students to industry projects as part of their coursework program. The Conexus Institute is proud to contribute ideas to this program. Here we detail the projects that we have been involved in.

Project 1 (2020)

Developing a standardised retirement income projection which informs consumers of the range of retirement outcomes they may experience. We include videos of four project teams considered to be top performing.

Project Outline
September 2020


Group 1
George Bai, Phoenix Chen, Ian Hao-Yuan Chen, Siqi Wang, Tony Yu

Group 2
Ximeng Chen, Yuan Guo, Tony Ly, Meryl Mao Jiang, Saurav Vayalambron

Group 3
Nafiz Khan, Andy Nguyen, Ainkaran Sritharan, James To, Calvin Tran-Huynh

Group 4
William Kong, Owen Logue, Tlotlo Thaga, Yuanhao You