The Conexus Institute was established to be a catalyst for improved retirement outcomes for Australians. The Conexus Institute applies a “research-for-impact” model to produce high quality research which is used to showcase the benefits of change.

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Exploring Big Ideas Series

We believe idea generation should be celebrated. One way to do this is through acknowledging and exploring concepts and innovation. From this mantra, our big ideas series was created.

This free interactive webinar series provides a powerful platform to take a deep dive into some of the biggest and most forward-thinking minds as we explore how our industry can significantly impact retirement outcomes for Australians.

Recent Thinking

Impaired Super

Within a budget of enormous economic consequence were a collection of super reforms which will significantly impact the superannuation system and the retirement outcomes of many Australians. I am sure the proposed measures were well-intentioned. Most will work (perhaps with some unintended consequences) but there is one area that is so flawed that, if implemented as announced, will impair outcomes for consumers.
12 October 2020

What should go into – and stay out of – a quality SG recommendation

It’s nearly impossible to have a quality debate about the fate of the superannuation guarantee in media, but as the SG issue is a component of the Retirement Income Review we need a high quality, research-driven approach.
27 September 2020

Advice on the brink of standardised growth/defensive metrics

Work is underway - at last - to standardise the way growth and defensive assets are classified. The hope is that...
20 September 2020

Let’s clarify growth/defensive and move forward

There are many ways to measure exposure and risk. No single metric is perfect which is why professional risk managers use multiple measures of risk.
9 September 2020

Jeremy Cooper on reviews and the retirement system’s unfinished business

The Super System Review shaped the architecture of Australia’s accumulation system
7 September 2020

Peer group risk: The industry’s worst kept secret

How many superannuation industry leaders truly make every decision through the lens of what they believe is right for their members?
19 August 2020

Timing the share market is hard – just ask your super fund

The past financial year has been one of the most volatile on record for stock markets, yet almost every Australian super fund has delivered similar returns.
13 August 2020

Is portfolio construction up to the task

The best way to integrate different scenarios into portfolio construction is front of mind for investors right now. But as David...
12 August 2020

Goals based advice needs tighter certainty metrics

Certainty and risk are at the core of quality advice and at the forefront of client communications, and the value of good financial advice cannot be fully appreciated until these understated concepts are viewed as tangible, creditable benefits to clients.
3 August 2020

Exploring big ideas with Senator Jane Hume

Ongoing micro-reforms, decumulation solutions, fintech and an end to ideological wars are highlights among the ideas Senator Jane Hume has for improving Australia’s retirement system, many of which can be described as micro-reforms which may disappoint those looking for a single silver bullet big idea.
16 July 2020

Are property sector options playing with fire?

In most finance courses academics will teach you the maths behind asset pricing and diversification. Often, the first real-world lesson is on the risk of the liquidity mismatch. Over the years that discrepancy between assets and liabilities has proven fatal for companies, industries, governments, banks, managed funds and many hedge funds.
27 May 2020

COVID Susceptibility Index can help to manage outbreaks

Background: At a recent UNSW virtual research seminar, Calise Liu and Alan Xian presented their research on developing a COVID-19 Susceptibility Index. This interview explores the research and its potential applications. Calise works at Finity Consulting, which specialises in actuarial and strategic analytics consulting. Alan has nearly finished his PhD at UNSW and will start a role at Macquarie University later this year.
27 May 2020

Is it time to take a tougher line with unlisted assets?

As the dust starts to settle on the first round of early access to super, perhaps it is a good time to reflect on the governance and regulation of unlisted assets in super funds. It is a complex area, with consumer protection provided by super fund governance overseen by the prudential regulator.
28 April 2020

Crisis highlights agency issues in Oz

The current coronavirus crisis has created investment governance challenges for Australia’s superannuation funds – with regard to liquidity requirements – that are relevant to any DC scheme which invests in illiquid assets. It highlights the potential impact of agency issues on decision-making during a crisis environment.
27 April 2020

The $20,000 decision on early access to super

As part of its economic response to the coronavirus crisis, the Federal Government is allowing those facing financial hardship to access their superannuation in two tranches of $10,000. Whether or not to ‘tap’ your super is an important decision. You need to think about the trade-off between your present situation and the one you may face in retirement.
15 April 2020

Research and submissions

Your Future, Your Super

A review of the YFYS performance test, identifying that the performance test will, in many cases, be ineffective at identifying poor performing funds, while creating a range of undesirable outcomes.

Growth / defensive asset categorisation

Leading an industry working group to develop a standardised approach

Early access to super

Factsheet to assist superannuation funds communicate to members

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Growth / defensive asset categorisation

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Growth / defensive asset categorisation

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Growth / defensive asset categorisation

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Growth / defensive asset categorisation

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Retirement income review submission

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Exploring portfolios with illiquid assets

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UNSW Sandbox Program 2020

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UNSW Sandbox Program 2020

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UNSW Sandbox Program 2020

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Your Future, Your Super performance test

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Your Future, Your Super performance test

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Your Future, Your Super performance test

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Your Future, Your Super performance test

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Your Future, Your Super performance test

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Your Future, Your Super performance test

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Your Future, Your Super performance test

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Your Future, Your Super performance test

Stefano Cavaglia

Exploring portfolios with illiquid assets

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