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Welcome to The Conexus Institute

The Conexus Institute was established to be a catalyst for improved retirement outcomes for Australian consumers. The Conexus Institute applies a “research-for-impact” model to produce high quality research which is used to showcase the benefits of change.

The Institute will look to join the dots between industry, academia, regulators and policymakers. The Institute aims to be a constructive critic that is prepared to challenge the status quo. We celebrate collaboration and informed decision-making.

The Conexus Institute is independent and operates on a not-for-profit basis. It strives to ensure that its research and outputs are free of conflicts of interest with a focus on better outcomes for consumers.


The independence of The Conexus Institute is underpinned by the following:

  1. The Conexus Institute is a standalone entity and not part of the Conexus Financial group.
  2. The Conexus Institute is funded philanthropically by Conexus Financial and Colin Tate and does not receive any other payment or benefit from any other person or entity.
  3. The Conexus Institute’s advisory board has an independent chair and serves on a voluntary basis.
  4. Conexus Institute staff may assist Conexus Financial (or other groups) with activities, such as events, where Conexus Institute identifies an opportunity for positive impact.

The Conexus Institute is the operating name for Conexus Institute Limited. The Conexus Institute is a limited liability company with two directors: Colin Tate and David Bell.

Advisory board

Colin Tate AM

Founder and adviser

Jeremy Cooper

Chair of advisory board

David Bell

Executive director

Hazel Bateman

Marisa Broome

Aleks Vickovich

Ian Fryer

Pamela Hanrahan

Dr David Knox AM

Xavier O'Halloran

Kevin O'Sullivan

Deborah Ralston

Nicolette Rubinsztein

Geoff Warren